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"Propaganda" is the 7th full-length film by Powell Peralta. This film features a lot more street skateboarding as it began to become more and more popular. It also features "double cone" skateboards, which was a fairly new concept at the time. It allowed skaters to ollie from the tail and the nose (nollie) of the skateboard. 

Duration: 1 hour and 20 minutes
Category: Full Length
Sport: Skateboarding
Attribution: SkateVideoSite
Description Starts At
Introduction 01:04
Frankie Hill 02:26
Brigadiers 04:48
Chink Chink Rap 06:49
Lance Conklin 08:16
Colin McKay 10:01
The 70s 12:22
Paul Ruben Trent 14:20
Paul Trent Vert 17:02
Skate or Die 19:30
Driveway Ramps 20:33
Cameron Martin 21:55
Ray Underhill 23:15
Skateboard Coach 25:20
How To Draw A Line Part II 25:30
Frank Hirata 26:14
Steve Caballero & Mike McGill 27:53
Sean Mortimer 28:35
Euro Brigade 2 30:07
Skate City Yard 30:50
Visalia Skate Camp 31:52
Paulo Diaz 35:45
Lori Rigsby 38:48
Pools 40:14
Euro Brigade II 40:48
Ray Barbee 46:06
Slams 48:06
Bucky Lasek 50:25
Steve Caballero & Mike McGill 52:32
Slumber Party BBHQ 55:20
Lance Mountain 59:37
Tony Hawk 01:02:36
Credits 01:05:55
Lance Dahre 01:07:04
Jake Bradley 01:07:46
Eric Sanderson 01:08:35
Mike McGill 01:09:22
Steve Saiz 01:11:25
Chet Thomas 01:12:13
Jesse Roach 01:13:19
Steve Caballero 01:13:19
Tony Hawk 01:16:45

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