Ban This By Powell Peralta | Skate Sonr

"Ban This" is the sixth video released by Powell Peralta in 1989. It features a much larger set of skateboarders than any Powell Peralta film had up until that point. It has specific track parts for some of the skaters, which other PP films hadn't had until this point.

Duration: 77 minutes
Category: Full Length
Sport: Skateboarding
Attribution: SkateVideoSite
Description Starts At
Intro 01:03
Frankie Hill 02:26
Kevin Harris 04:35
Chet Thomas & Bucky Lasek 07:28
Ray Barbee 09:05
Mini Ramp 12:43
L.A. Boys 16:18
Rector Reke Ad 20:40
Greater Gutter Open 20:54
Tony Hawk 23:35
Per Welinder 24:25
Ray Underhill 26:50
Lance O Neil 29:49
Steve Caballero 34:07
Video it ur'Self 35:54
Pools 37:18
Cameron Martin 38:39
Street Grigade 40:03
Summer Tour 42:42
Skateparks 45:10
Jesse Roach & Dominic Kekich 48:17
Jovontae Turner & Salman Agah 49:40
Mike McGill & Steve Saiz 51:58
Scooter Race 56:17
Mini Ramp II 01:00:29
Tommy Guerrero 01:03:31
Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero & Chet Thomas 01:06:41
Slams 01:09:22
Tony Hawk 01:11:12
Credits 01:16:59

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