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History of videos for Transworld Skateboarding

A chronology timeline of films released by

  1. TransWorld - "The Dreams Of Children" - (1994)

    The Dreams of Children

    This is the unofficially first video by Transworld Skateboarding. Lots of great skateboarding and a great soundtrack.

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  1. Transworld - Uno (1996) video cover


    The beginning of it all. Uno was the dawn of TransWorld’s video legacy. Coming in with the thickest cast of any other TransWorld video, Uno featured parts from Marc Johnson, Eric Kost...

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  2. Transworld "4 Wheel Drive" (1996) video cover

    4 Wheel Drive

    From the first to the second video, casting became more selective, leaving 4 Wheel Drive with fewer but lengthier parts than its predecessor. The second video featured four-by-four operator...

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  1. Transworld - Greatest Hits (1997) video cover

    Greatest Hits

    A montage-style video of epic proportions. Packed full of the best skateboarders in the world. Fast-paced action from start to finish. Definitely our best video yet. What are you waiting for? Get thi...

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  2. Transworld Starting Point (1997)

    Starting Point 1

    With skateboarding's videos being so advanced these days, newcomers to the sport don't really have a starting point. The purpose of this video is to show you how to do some of the fundamentals of ska...

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  3. Transworld "Cinematographer" video cover


    Number Four! A unique film focusing on the people behind the lens. 40 Minutes of skateboarding cinema excellence. This is Transworld Skateboarding video #4. Unlike most skateboarding videos, the sou...

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  4. Transworld "Interface" (1997) video cover


    Interface: Enter the 285.9MB hard drive for timelines with Chad Fernandez, Stephane Larance, Dan Rogers, Keith Hufnagel and friends, Bob Burnquist, Chany Jeanguenin/ Richard Angelides, and Steve Berr...

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  1. Transworld "The Sixth Sense" (1998) video cover

    The Sixth Sense

    Starting with buttery lines from Kenny Anderson and a duet from Brad Staba and Brian Anderson, The Sixth Sense also featured the technical mastery of Mike Crum. Frank Hirata demonstrated hi...

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  1. Transworld Skateboarding "Transmission 7" [1999 VHS]

    Transmission 7

    Taking a cue from Cinematographer before it, Transmission 7 chose not to give parts to the skaters themselves, but instead, certain cities. The result was a detailed look at the flourishing...

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  2. Transworld "Feedback" (1999)


    Feedback begins with a shared part full of sophisticated moves and character with Jason Dill and Anthony Van Engelen. Neal Mims grinds through everything from massive rails, hubbas, and security...

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  3. The Reason by Transworld Skateboarding

    The Reason

    Ty Evans introduced a new level of detailing in video editing to the skate world in The Reason. The video begins with powerful tricks from Gershon Mosley and high-speed lines from Cairo Foster. ...

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  1. Modus Operandi by Transworld Skateboarding

    Modus Operandi

    Along with the most condensed cast of any previous TransWorld video, generator-powered night footage and a highly synthesized soundtrack set Modus Operandi apart from other videos of its ti...

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  2. i.e. by Transworld Skateboarding video cover


    i.e. demonstrates the building block spots and roof gap insanity of Daewon Song, as well as the nonchalance of Mark Appleyard with his nollie heel front board on the El Dorado seven. The finesse...

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  3. Transworld - Anthology (2000)


    Five years in the making, TransWorld SKATEboarding's Anthology uses never-before-seen footage and interviews to tell the sotry of skateboarding's evolution as seen through the eyes of the pros and fi...

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  1. Videoradio by Transworld Skateboarding


    Through seven countries in three weeks, Transworld Skateboarding's Videoradio follows Jamie Thomas, Chad Muska, Mark Appleyard, Colt Cannon, John Rattray, Adrian Lopez, Chris Cole, Sammy Baptista, an...

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  2. Transworld "Sight Unseen" (2001) video cover

    Sight Unseen

    Sight Unseen remains a veritable how-to when it comes to crafting a proper skate video: from John Cardiel setting the template for all-terrain skating to Tosh Townend’s break-out part, the...

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  3. Transworld Skateboarding Starting Point 3

    Starting Point 3

    A Step-By-Step guide to leanring street-course fundamentals Skateboarding is reaching an all-time high in popularity. With this increased skateboarding awareness comes an influx of new skaters and pl...

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  1. Chomp On This by Transworld Skateboarding video cover

    Chomp On This

    CHOMP ON THIS is a skate video by the homies for the homies. Chomp On This is a skate video mainly composed of Ako Jefferson, Atiba Jefferson, Lee Dupont, and Ty Evans. They are mostly known as famo...

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  2. TransWorld Skateboarding: In Bloom video cover

    In Bloom

    Yep, you picked the right video. In Bloom features the natural talents of six rising stars leaving their incredible impression on the glamorous world of skateboarding. From the flash and flair to the...

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  1. Transworld "Free Your Mind" (2003) video cover

    Free Your Mind

    Free Your Mind showcased the smallest number of parts to date, but truly had one of the greatest variety of skaters. Parts included the tightest of trannies shredded by Dan Drehobl (who racked u...

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  2. Are You Alright? by Transworld Skateboarding video cover

    Are You Alright?

    Are You Alright? follows Jon Holland and Jason Hernandez around on an RV tour through the Northwest while hitting parks and spots along the way. Also featured is a cast of other skaters, includi...

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  1. Transworld Show Me The Way

    Show Me The Way

    16 pros show you the way to 16 different tricks both on street and vert skating. Tricks included are ollies, frontside grinds, pole jams, backside tailslides, backside 360 ollies, 360 flips, pivot fak...

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  2. Subtieties by Transworld Skateboarding video cover


    Edited and directed by Jon Holland and Jason Hernandez, Subtleties opened with a part from legendary Pat Duffy and followed up with the strong and graceful ledge and manny combos from Brand...

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  1. Transworld "First Love" (2005) video cover

    First Love

    Crafted by Jon Holland and Jason Hernandez, First Love showcased stuntwood romantics from veteran to rookie status. Shiloh Greathouse’s first part in years is filled with OG fun and n...

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  1. Transworld "A Time To Shine" (2006) video cover

    A Time To Shine

    A Time To Shine opens with a part from Cooper Wilt. Chris Roberts’ part is full of unmatched balance. Ronson Lambert finishes his ridiculously technical part with a frontside bigspin front...

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  1. Transworld "Let's Do This!" (2007)

    Let's Do This!

    Jon Holland and Jason Hernandez’s last opus working together, Let’s Do This! starts off with a part full of smooth and rugged clips of Brian Brown (including out-of-nowhere swit...

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  1. And Now by Transworld Skateboarding

    And Now

    And Now opens with David Gravette making heavy revisions to The Book Of Gnar. Matt Miller follows suit with more pop than a freshly stocked vending achine and ends his part with a speedy fakie h...

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  2. The Australia China Experience Transworld

    The Australia China Experience

    A month long journey through the outback and the far east... This is a tour documentary for the full length And Now video.

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  1. Transworld Skateboarding: Right Foot Forward

    Right Foot Forward

    Featuring an all goofy-footed cast, Jon Holland and Chris Ray’s Right Foot Forward introduced much of the world to Kellen James’ incredible range of tricks. Joey Brezinski balan...

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  1. Transworld Halleluja


    Introducing GoPro footage to skateboarding, Hallelujah lets Tyler Bledsoe set the stage by flipping in and out of endless slides and grinds. Pete Eldridge demonstrates his ambidextrous tend...

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  1. Not Another Transworld Video by Transworld Skateboarding

    Not Another Transworld Video

    The first skate video filmed entirely in HD, Not Another TransWorld Video showcased the smooth ledge-tech wizardry of Shane O’Neill and his near-impossible switch flip backside tailsl...

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  1. The Cinematographer Project (2012) by Transworld Skateboarding

    The Cinematographer Project

    Produced by Jon Holland, and reprising the premise and format of the original Cinematographer, The Cinematographer Project once again shifts focus on 13 of skateboarding’s most gifted...

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  1. Perpetual Motion by Transworld Skateboarding

    Perpetual Motion

    With 24 full-lengths in the back catalog, the TransWorld video has been a legacy in the making since Uno dropped back in ’96. TransWorld SKATEboarding is proud to present video number 25, Perpe...

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  1. Outliers by Transworld Skateboarding


    From those born into it, to those locked out from it, those who moved to be part of it and those hiding from it, Outliers represents a cast of skateboarders from diverse geographical backgr...

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  1. Substance by Transworld Skateboarding


    TransWorld SKATEboarding is proud to introduce its 27th full-length video, Substance, featuring Davis Torgerson, Dolan Stearns, Tom Karangelov, Tristan Funkhouser, and Jon Nguyen. Making a ...

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  1. The Cinematographer Project: Worldview by Transworld Skateboarding

    The Cinematographer Project: Worldview

    Some of the best filmmakers in skateboarding take an assorted cast of skaters around the globe to skate some of the most epic spots that have ever been seen. Featuring segments from Sour, Isle, PASS~...

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  2. Riddles in Mathematics by Transworld Skateboarding

    Riddles in Mathematics

    TransWorld SKATEboarding is proud to introduce its 29th full-length video, Riddles in Mathematics, starring Yaje Popson, Ben Gore, Leo Valls, Bobby Dekeyzer, and featuring Bobby Worrest and Stevie Pe...

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  1. Duets by Transworld Skateboarding


    With over two decades of skate videos in the bag, Transworld Skateboarding proudly presents video Number 30, duets. Taking a different approach on the standard skate video formula, duets features 5 s...

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