Starting Point 1 By Transworld Skateboarding | Skate Sonr

With skateboarding's videos being so advanced these days, newcomers to the sport don't really have a starting point. The purpose of this video is to show you how to do some of the fundamentals of skateboarding. Professional skateboarder, Jeremy Wray walks you step-by-step through 20 necessary basics of skateboarding.

Duration: 23 minutes
Category: How To Skateboard
Sport: Skateboarding
Attribution: SkateVideoSite
Description Track Starts At
Intro 00:00
Intro Monologue 00:45
The Ollie 03:05
Frontside 180 Ollie 04:07
Backside 180 Ollie 05:07
Pop Shove It 06:05
Frontside Pop Shove It 06:56
Kickflip 07:46
Heelflip 08:42
Manual 09:40
Nose Manual 10:35
Boardslide 11:56
Frontside Boardslide 12:40
Frontside 50/50 13:27
Backside 50/50 14:10
Noseslide 14:55
Skating Vert 15:44
Pumping on a Ramp 16:10
The Kickturn 16:54
Frontside Kickturn 17:40
Drop In 18:28
Axel Stall 19:15
Fakie Rock 20:27
Outro Monologue 21:25
Credits 22:00

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