Show Me The Way By Transworld Skateboarding | Skate Sonr

16 pros show you the way to 16 different tricks both on street and vert skating. Tricks included are ollies, frontside grinds, pole jams, backside tailslides, backside 360 ollies, 360 flips, pivot fakies, frontside flips, backside smith grinds, nollie flips, kickflip nose manuals, bigspin backside disasters, backside nosegrind pop outs, overkrooks, switch nose manual fakie flips, & darkslides.

Duration: 40 minutes
Category: Instructional
Sport: Skateboarding
Attribution: SkateVideoSite
Description Track Starts At
Intro Ted Humphries 00:00
Ollies by Reese Forbes Jon Holland 02:14
Frontside Grinds By Darren Navarrette Jon Holland 04:12
Pole Jams by Kyle Leeper Jon Holland 07:04
Backside Tailslides by Colin McKay 08:51
Backside 360 Ollies by Clint Peterson Mr. E 11:20
360 Flips by Stefan Janoski Jon Holland 13:04
Pivot Fakies by Richard Angelides Jon Holland 14:37
Frontside Flips by Andrew Reynolds Mr. E 15:59
Backside Smith Grinds by Daniel Shimizu Jon Holland 18:16
Nollie Flips by Mark Appleyard Jon Holland 19:49
Kickflip Nose Manuals by Brandon Biebel Ryan Gallant 22:05
Bigspin Backside Disasters by Tim O'Connor Jon Holland 24:10
Backside Nosegrind Pop Outs by Chad Tim Tim 26:06
Overkrooks by Rob Dyrdek Jon Holland 27:36
Switch Nose Manual Fakie Flips by Daewon Song Jon Holland 31:53
Darkslides by Rodney Mullen Mr. E 33:52
Credits Jon Holland 38:00

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