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San Marcos CA, US
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Zero Skateboards is a skateboard company that was founded by professional skateboarder Jamie Thomas in 1996. It grew out of the Zero brand of clothing merchandise after Jamie Thomas left Toy Machine. The company is located in Carlsbad, California, USA. 

Zero has received three Thrasher Magazine "King of the Road competitions" from 2004 to 2006. Chris Cole won S.O.T.Y. (Skater of the Year) as Zero team rider twice.

Latest Films By Zero Skateboards

Zero Introduces Wilton Souza  (2024)

By: Zero Skateboards

Wilton’s pop is EXPLOSIVE, and the combination of marathon slides and iconic San Diego spot makes for a BOLD introduction to Zero. ...

Less Than Zero  (2024)

By: Zero Skateboards

From Reuben Barrack’s heavy opener to the unadulterated terror of Ben Havran’s onslaught, this vid serves thrills that will shock even the most seasoned Zero ...

Zero Introduces Kairi Netsuke  (2022)

By: Zero Skateboards

Zero’s new recruit unleashes his ungodly heelflip talents on California's proving grounds. ...

Painkiller - The AM Video  (2021)

By: Zero Skateboards

"Painkiller" is a full-length video of AM (amateur) skaters for Zero Skateboards. Although at the time of filming all the skaters were considered AM, the ...

Damn It All  (2019)

By: Zero Skateboards

"Damn It All" is the seventh full-length film by Zero Skateboards. It features a series of newer skaters as well a few more established skaters. ...

No Ca$h Value  (2014)

By: Zero Skateboards

"No Ca$h Value" is a series of five volumes released as a web series. Each volume was released every 60 days during 2014.  ...

Cold War  (2013)

By: Zero Skateboards

"Cold War" is the sixth full-length film by Zero Skateboards. Zero never stops going big and going fast. Cold War keeps that pace going big ...

Fresh 'Til Death  (2011)

By: DGK Skateboards & Zero Skateboards

"Fresh 'Til Death" is a tour compilation between Zero Skateboards and DGK Skateboards teams traveling together in the summer of 2011. If follows the teams ...

Strange World  (2009)

By: Zero Skateboards

"Strange World" is the fifth skate full-length film by Zero Skateboards. it's also the first film to not have a full song part for Jamie ...