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Filmed across multiple countries, multiple states within said countries, across multiple companies, and with multiple celebrities cameos, Pretty Sweet is what you'll call this film by the end of it. Girl and Chocolate skateboards definitely put in their work into this film between great skating, soundtrack, and visual effects it is top notch. 

Sypnosis from Girl and Chocolate:

This is an epic tale of two gangs, like The Jets and The Sharks. But Girl and Chocolate aren't even gangs. Some of them act tough and some of them act like babies. But they are even more unlike the Jets and The Sharks in that they aren't even battling each other for territory. They really don't know what the hell they are doing. They don't have a feud, most of them really like each other so that is another thing they don't have in common with the Jets and the Sharks. What they do have in common with The Jets and The Sharks is they love to dance. And when I say dance, I mean SKATE. And when I say SKATE, I mean really good. From the directors that brought you Mouse, Yeah Right and Fully Flared, another chapter in this tale with no plot, no ending but beautiful inner battles acted out on a little board with wheels.

Duration: 1 hour and 18 minutes
Category: Full Length
Sport: Skateboarding
Attribution: SkateVideoSite
Description Track Starts At
Intro 00:00
Intro #2 03:48
Vincent Alvarez 06:05
Vincent Alvarez 07:46
Vincent Alvarez 09:40
Cory Kennedy 11:45
Raven Tershy 19:20
Mike Mo Capaldi 22:40
Jeron Wilson & Brandon Biebel 26:05
Suit Skating Scene 29:00
Kenny Anderson, Chris Roberts, Gino Iannucci, Daniel Castillo, and Justin Eldridge 30:30
Stevie Perez 33:56
Alex Olson, Mike Carroll, Brian Anderson, and Rick McCrank 38:35
Jesus Fernandez & Chico Brenes 42:50
Elijah Berle 45:40
Elijah Berle 48:00
Marc Johnson 52:50
Sean Malto 57:26
Guy Mariano & Eric Koston 01:04:10
Credits #1 01:09:35
Credits #2 01:14:30
Bonus #1
Bonus #2
Bonux #3
Bonus #4
Bonus #5
Bonus #6
Bonus #7
Bonus #8
Bonus #9
Bonus #10
Bonus #11
Bonus #12

How many genres were used and how many tracks were part of each genre.

Genre Count
Rock 17
Alternative 10
Electronic 8
Hip-Hop/Rap 5
Indie Rock 5
Dance 4
Hip Hop/Rap 4
Pop 4
Adult Alternative 3
Metal 3
Punk 3
R&B/Soul 3
Soul 3
Gangsta Rap 2
Hard Rock 2
Hardcore Rap 2
Rap 2
Alternative Country 1
Alternative Rap 1
Americana 1
Christian 1
Country 1
Dirty South 1
Europe 1
Glam Rock 1
Gospel 1
Hip-Hop 1
House 1
Latin 1
Neo-Soul 1
Pop in Spanish 1
Psychedelic 1
Reggae 1
Rock & Roll 1
Singer/Songwriter 1
ska 1
Soft Rock 1
Southern Rock 1
West Coast Rap 1
Worldwide 1

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