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Beastie Boys

Country: United States
Active Between: November 30th, 1978 - November 30th, 2013
alternative rock
east coast hip hop
golden age hip hop
hip hop
old school hip hop
rap rock

Beastie Boys were an American rap group from New York City, formed in 1981. The group was composed of Michael "Mike D" Diamond, Adam "MCA" Yauch, and Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz. Beastie Boys were formed out of members of experimental hardcore punk band the Young Aborigines in 1978, with Diamond as vocalist, Jeremy Shatan on bass guitar, John Berry on guitar, and Kate Schellenbach on drums. When Shatan left in 1981, Yauch replaced him on bass and the band changed their name to Beastie Boys. Berry left shortly thereafter and was replaced by Horovitz. After achieving local success with the 1983 comedy hip hop single "Cooky Puss", Beastie Boys made a full transition to hip hop, and Schellenbach left. They toured with Madonna in 1985 and a year later released their debut album, Licensed to Ill, the first rap record to top the Billboard 200 chart. Their second album, Paul's Boutique, composed almost entirely of samples, was a commercial failure, but later received critical acclaim. Check Your Head and Ill Communication found mainstream success, followed by Hello Nasty, To the 5 Boroughs, The Mix-Up, and Hot Sauce Committee Part Two. From Wikipedia ( under Creative Commons Attribution CC-BY-SA 3.0 (

Gary Young - Forever Young (Alternate Version)  (2023)

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Baker 4  (2019)

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Beautiful Mutants  (2019)

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Doll  (2018)

By: Girl Skateboards

In this witty, satirical farce, secretaries Niels Bennett and Griffin Gass along with Simon Bannerot, Tyler Pacheco, Sean Malto, Andrew Brophy, Rick McCrank and office ...

The Flare  (2017)

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Pretty Sweet  (2012)

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The End  (1998)

By: Birdhouse Skateboards

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411VM Issue 24  (1997)

By: 411 Video Magazine

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Rolling Thunder  (1995)

By: Foundation Skateboards

Rolling Thunder is the seventh skate video released by Foundation Skateboards. ...

Barbarians At The Gate  (1994)

By: Foundation Skateboards

What happens when two skaters drive across the country with their bosses' truck, cellular phone and platinum card? ...

WWII Report  (1992)

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BPSW: Big Pants Small Wheels  (1992)

By: Santa Cruz Skateboards

Big Pants Small Wheels is the sixth full length skate video by Santa Cruz skateboards. ...

Questionable  (1992)

By: Plan B Skateboards

Questionable by Plan B is the first skateboarding video released by them in 1992. It's a historical milestone because skateboarding was in the midst of ...

Section Track Film Used In
Alex Olson, Mike Carroll, Brian Anderson, and Rick McCrank Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun Pretty Sweet
Simon Bannerot + Tyler Pacheco Shadrach Doll
O.G. Groove Holmes Rolling Thunder
Mile High Pizza Tough Guy Barbarians At The Gate
Sabrosa Barbarians At The Gate
Intro Mullet Head Beautiful Mutants
Pipsqueeks Bakpaks Ad Jimmy James 411VM Issue 24
Simon Bannerot & Tyler Pacheco Shadrach Doll 2.0