Gary Young - Forever Young (Alternate Version) By Odyssey BMX | Skate Sonr

Gary Young - Forever Young (Alternate Version)

*Re-released for a wider audience since the original cut got restricted to 18+

2022 marks Gary Young's 20th year with Odyssey, and the man is aging like fine wine. This new Forever Young video is proof. 10-minutes of classic Gary on every terrain. Sit back and enjoy.

Filmed in California, Arizona, Philadelphia, and New Jersey

Video by Zach Krejmas
Art by Dave Fortman

Duration: 11 minutes, 3 seconds
Category: Solo Part
Sport: BMX


Gary Young

Directors & Producers

Zach Krejmas

How many genres were used and how many tracks were part of each genre.

Genre Count
Rock 2
Adult Alternative 1
Alternative Rap 1
Bop 1
Breakbeat 1
Dance 1
Electronic 1
Electronica 1
Hard Rock 1
Hip Hop/Rap 1
Hip-Hop 1
Hip-Hop/Rap 1
Jazz 1
Rap 1

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