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Santa Cruz CA, US

Latest Films By Santa Cruz Skateboards

Fabiana Delfino's "Santa Cruz" Part  (2023)

By: Santa Cruz Skateboards & Thrasher Magazine

Fabi puts it all on the line, combining gut-wrenching slams with high-impact bank hits. Skate and Destroy. ...

Product Toss in the ER  (2022)

By: Creature Skateboards & Santa Cruz Skateboards

Two teams, three tours, six hospital visits, 15 demos, high-level shenanigans and full-throttle skateboarding guaranteed. The Saints and Sinners promised mayhem all year long, and ...

Let's Trot  (2022)

By: Santa Cruz Skateboards

SC OZ TEAM DESTROYS INSANE TERRAIN! The Santa Cruz Australia squad set out on a heavy 9 day trot through South East Queensland. Watch as the SC ...

Misprints  (2022)

By: Santa Cruz Skateboards

We proudly introduce our newest video ‘MISPRINTS’ Starring Tom Asta, Maurio McCoy, Kevin Braun & Introducing Devin Flynn. With a focus on their east coast and ...

Erick Winkowski's DOPE PLANET  (2022)

By: Santa Cruz Skateboards

Erick takes his new 'Dope Planet' Pro Model for a spin. Get yours today at your local shop or NHS Fun Factory down below! ...

CRUZIN' in Puerto Rico πŸ‡΅πŸ‡·  (2022)

By: Santa Cruz Skateboards

We are proud to present our full length edit of SC CRUZIN' in Puerto Rico πŸ‡΅πŸ‡· Hop in the van with Fabiana Delfino, Maurio McCoy, ...

’TIL THE ENDERS'! ALL of the BEST Skateboarding from Santa Cruz Skateboards  (2022)

By: Santa Cruz Skateboards

Join us as we look back on our 'Til The End' series, Jake Wooten's Debut Pro Part, our latest SF video offering 'BAE" and much ...

Bae  (2021)

By: Santa Cruz Skateboards

Knibbs takes the first bite before Braun chomps away at The Bay. Let’s keep the City love going. ...

Til The End Vol. 5  (2021)

By: Santa Cruz Skateboards

Knibbs kicks off the show, careening through traffic before Maurio covers the street-bump beat and Eman gets rocked by a phone pole, only to continue ...


German Prodigy - Skateboarding Against the Odds: The Justin Sommer Story | True Grit

German Prodigy - Skateboarding Against the Odds: The Justin Sommer Story

Abraham Arango
1st February, 2023

The Justin Sommer Story follows the journey of a young skater from Berlin who had to overcome adversity to achieve his dream of becoming a professional skateboarder. Born in Berlin, Justin had to learn the ropes from his older friends and navigate the tough streets. After getting sponsored by Radio ...