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Risk It: Gambling With Gravity

By: & Speed Wheels
Released: 1990

Full-length video released by Speed Wheels and Santa Cruz in 1990. It has a lot of skaters with small to medium parts each. See timeline below for each skater and start at timestamp.

Duration: 83 minutes
Category: Full Length
Sport: Skateboarding
Attribution: SkateVideoSite
Description Track Starts At
Intro 00:00
Tom Knox (UK) 02:15
Tom Knox (UK) 04:25
Mark Wyndham 06:40
Jason Jessee 09:17
Ron Allen 10:25
John Swope 13:39
Jason Rogers 14:50
Butch Sterbins 17:50
Carabeth Burnside 18:49
Damon Byrd 20:15
Jeff Kendall 22:40
Scott Oster 25:17
Steve Schneer 27:14
Tim Jackson 29:32
Ricky Stiles 30:45
Todd Congelliere 31:18
Brian Brannon & Mickey Alba 33:54
Claus Grabke 34:17
Dave Donalson 34:57
Alan Petersen 35:24
Tod Swank 39:02
Ross Goodman 40:30
Aaron Murray 41:20
Ocean Howell 42:18
Noah Salasnek 43:43
Mike Yousefpour 44:35
Mark Partain 45:25
Mark Partain 47:15
Eric Jeuden 47:40
Garry Davis 48:30
Eric Dressen 48:55
Eric Dressen 52:57
Mike Prosenko 54:08
Keith Meek 54:42
Mike Vallely 55:00
Colby Carter 56:07
Colby Carter 56:45
Steve Alba (Salba) 01:02:38
Eric Britton 01:05:00
Mark Roach 01:06:25
Fred Olande 01:06:45
Pat Ngoho 01:07:43
Jimmy Acosta 01:08:28
Dave Reul 01:08:50
Tony Farmer 01:09:37
Slams 01:12:04
Jeff Hedges 01:13:10
Danny Way 01:15:10
Danny Way 01:15:15
Danny Way 01:17:14
Credits 01:17:40

How many genres were used and how many tracks were part of each genre.

Genre Count
Rock 9
Alternative 7
Metal 5
Punk 4
Adult Alternative 2
Hard Rock 2
Pop 2
Heavy Metal 1
Indie Rock 1
Reggae 1
ska 1

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