411VM Issue 34 By 411 Video Magazine | Skate Sonr

411VM 34 is the thirty-fourth issue of 411 video magazine and was published in May 1999.

Front cover Brian Anderson
Back cover Pat Channita
Day in the Life Warner Avenue Crew
Profiles Pat Channita, Matt Pailes
Wheels of Fortune Danny Garcia
Main event Premiere of the film Thought Youth
Industry Liberty Board Shop
Road trip DuffsinPortugal
Spot check Vista
World report Spain, Japan, United Kingdom

Duration: 50 minutes
Category: Video Magazine
Sport: Skateboarding
Attribution: SkateVideoSite
Description Track Starts At
Intro 00:00
Intro with Lance Mountain 01:20
Chaos 01:53
Transition with Eminem 04:38
Alien Workshop Video Ad 04:47
Zero "Misled Youth" Video Ad 05:20
Duffs Shoes Ad 05:42
Network 17 Ad 06:04
Powell Skateboards Ad 06:24
Santa Cruz Ad 06:39
Element Skateboards Ad 07:05
DC Shoes Ad 07:39
The First Step Video Ad 08:09
Profiles: Pat Channita 08:43
Profiles: Pat Channita 09:15
Main Event: Zero "Misled Youth" Video Premiere 11:21
Wheels Of Fortune: Danny Garcia 13:49
City Stars Ad 15:20
DLXSF AD 15:50
Powell Skateboards Ad 16:18
Prodigy Ad 16:33
Clockwork Ad 17:00
Darkstar Ad 17:25
DC Shoes Ad 17:52
411VM Tampa 1999 Ad 18:22
Road Trip: Duffs Shoes, Portugal 18:47
World Report: Spain, Japan, England 20:26
Spot Check: Vista Skatepark 23:31
Vans Shoes Ad 24:55
SMP Ad 25:26
Good Times Skateboards 25:52
"Tales of Donkey" Video Ad 26:24
Eastwood Ad 26:50
Renaissance Ad 27:40
Crail Trucks Ad 28:11
Osiris "The Storm" Video Ad 28:32
Contests: Tampa 1999 Preview 29:05
Industry: Liberty Board Shop 31:44
Industry: Liberty Board Shop 32:38
Profiles: Matt Pailes 35:31
Profiles: Matt Pailes 36:32
Destructo Trucks Ad 38:28
i-Path Shoes Ad 38:49
Justice II Video Ad 39:25
Wood Laminates Ad 39:40
The Firm Ad 40:06
Small Beating Video Ad 40:28
Arcade Skateboards Ad 40:44
411VM Ad 41:27
Day In The Life: Warner Avenue Crew 41:54
Day In The Life: Warner Avenue Crew 44:35
Outro with Lance Mountain 46:34
Credits 46:53

How many genres were used and how many tracks were part of each genre.

Genre Count
Rock 11
Electronic 9
Hip-Hop/Rap 9
Alternative 7
Adult Alternative 5
Hip Hop/Rap 4
Dance 3
Indie Rock 3
Metal 3
Punk 3
Downtempo 2
Electronica 2
Hard Rock 2
Hip-Hop 2
Jungle/Drum'n'bass 2
Underground Rap 2
Africa 1
African 1
Alternative Rap 1
East Coast Rap 1
Grunge 1
Heavy Metal 1
House 1
Industrial 1
Jazz 1
Latin 1
Pop 1
R&B/Soul 1
Rap 1
Reggae 1
Ska 1
Worldwide 1

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