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Laguna Niguel CA, US
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Flip Skateboards began in 1987 in the UK as Deathbox Skateboards by Graham McEachran, Jeremy Fox, and Duncan Houlton. In 1994 the company was moved to California USA and rebranded as Flip Skateboards. 

Flip Skateboards has had some of the most iconic skateboards on its team such as Tom Penny, Mark Appleyard, and Geoff Rowley to name a few. They've also released 3 full-length films with a few promotional videos. 

Flip mostly sells skateboards, skateboard accessories, and clothing.

Latest Films By Flip Skateboards

Art Cordova's "Espada" Part  (2022)

By: Flip Skateboards

"From the first six-block to his shocking clip at Hollywood 16, Art combines his love for flying with an unlimited repertoire. This one is HEAVY." ...

Extremely Sorry  (2009)

By: Flip Skateboards

Extremely sorry is the third skate film by Flip Skateboards in the "sorry" series. It features many stead Flip skaters like Geoff Rowley and Ali ...

Really Sorry  (2003)

By: Flip Skateboards

Really Sorry is the follow up to the success of Flip's first film Sorry. It includes most of the skaters from Sorry plus a few ...

Sorry  (2002)

By: Flip Skateboards

First full length skate film by Flip. It includes Mark Appleyard, Ali Boulala, Alex Chalmers, Bastien Salabanzi, Geoff Rowley, Rune Glifberg, Tom Penny, and Arto ...


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Skater Ben Raemers’ Tragic Death Sparked a Mental Health Movement

Abraham Arango
8th November, 2021

Vice News did an in-depth story on skater Ben Raemers. It's a story that does not have a happy ending, but an important one to tell to prevent other stories from ending similarly. For most of us, skateboarding is a great pastime and sport to enjoy away from the stress of ...