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Jaws, Neen, & Decenzo, in Barcelona  (2022)

By: FP Footwear & The Berrics

This is an epic journey of the FP footwear team traveling overseas to the remarkable sk8 paradise of Barcelona Spain. 'This trip to Barcelona was ...

Josh Dirksen's 'No Idea' Part  (2022)

By: The Berrics

New Hampshire's Josh Dirksen bombs everything—hills, reservoirs… Megaramps—in his latest edit. Check it his 'No Idea' part, filmed by Brock Shearin, above! ...

I Am Blind  (2018)

By: Blind Skateboards & The Berrics

I Am Blind is a series of solo promo parts released by Blind Skateboards in collaboration with The Berrics. Original parts as released are above ...


Who Is Braden Hoban?

Who Is Braden Hoban?

Abraham Arango
28th January, 2023

Braden Hoban is one of those skaters you seen once in a generation. He’s the first person we’ve seen in a long time with the unique skill set to be primarily out in the streets filming for videos, but with the ability to go skate a major contest and podium. ...

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