Jaws, Neen, & Decenzo, in Barcelona By FP Footwear, The Berrics | Skate Sonr

Jaws, Neen, & Decenzo, in Barcelona

This is an epic journey of the FP footwear team traveling overseas to the remarkable sk8 paradise of Barcelona Spain.

'This trip to Barcelona was really special to me. It was my first trip out of the country in three years and fully recovered from my ACL surgery. I got to skate some of the most epic spots in the world with some of the best people. It was definitely a trip l'll remember forever' - Jaws

Starring: Aaron Jaws Homoki, Neen Williams, Ryan Decenzo, Nathan Ko & Julian Agliardi.

Duration: 11 minutes, 21 seconds
Category: Tour Promo
Sport: Skateboarding

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