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Dinosaur Jr.

Country: United States
Active Since: November 30th, 1983
alternative pop
alternative rock
blues rock
Indie Rock
modern rock
noise pop
noise rock
permanent wave
power pop

DINOSAUR JR. is widely recognized as one of the most significant American rock bands of all time. Preceding Nirvana by several years, Dinosaur Jr. was instrumental in bringing the crashing sounds of lead guitar back to indie rock. It wasn't just the band’s signature metallic haze that made an impression on listeners; front man J Mascis’ effects-laden guitars were wrapped around some of the best songwriting of the decade. The first three albums, Dinosaur, You're Living All Over Me and Bug, are now considered cult masterpieces. When the original line-up of Mascis, bassist Lou Barlow and drummer Murph re-formed in 2005 for select live dates, it was apparent that the years apart had not eroded any of their vitality. It was natural that Dinosaur Jr. would then begin to work on new material. With the release of Beyond in 2007, the band continued its march towards rock greatness. Fourteen years on, the band is still going strong with four albums released on Jagjaguwar Records, most recently Sweep It Into Space, out April 23, 2021.

Young Emericans  (2017)

By: Emerica

Young Emericans is a short promo of the Emerica team with full parts for Kader Sylla, Victor Aceves, and Zach Allen.  Emerica vids are always top-shelf ...

Outliers  (2014)

By: Transworld Skateboarding

From those born into it, to those locked out from it, those who moved to be part of it and those hiding from it, Outliers represents a ...

Mind Field  (2009)

By: Alien Workshop

Alien Workshop's Mind Field skate film is nearly an hour of pure mellow skateboarding. You can sit back and watch this video on a rainy ...

Suffer The Joy  (2006)

By: Toy Machine

Suffer The Joy is the sixth full length skate video released by Toy Machine in 2006. ...

Good & Evil  (2004)

By: Toy Machine

Good & Evil is the fifth full length skate video released by Toy Machine in 2004. The film itself is about 36 minutes but the ...

Mosaic  (2003)

By: Habitat Skateboards

The editing and filming techniques used are some of the most artistic and original in the industry through many different eyes. This Habitat's first full ...

411VM Issue 40  (2000)

By: 411 Video Magazine

411VM 40 is the fortieth issue of the 411 video magazine and was published in May 2000. Shooting a commercial for REAL is a parody of ...

411VM Issue 37  (1999)

By: 411 Video Magazine

411VM 37 is the thirty-seventh issue of 411 Video Magazine and was published in November 1999. Front cover Kareem Campbell (by Chris Ortiz)Back cover Justin Reynolds ...

411VM Issue 36  (1999)

By: 411 Video Magazine

411VM 36 is the thirty-sixth issue of 411 Video Magazine and was published in September 1999. Front cover Andrew Reynolds (photo by Chris Ortiz)Back cover Ryan ...

Jump Off A Building  (1998)

By: Toy Machine

Jump Off A Building is the fourth skate video released by Toy Machine released in 1998. ...

Cinematographer  (1997)

By: Transworld Skateboarding

Number Four! A unique film focusing on the people behind the lens. 40 Minutes of skateboarding cinema excellence. This is Transworld Skateboarding video #4. Unlike most skateboarding ...

Timecode  (1997)

By: Alien Workshop

This is the second full length skate video released by Alien Workshop in 1997. The soundtrack is complete, though some songs can't really be found ...

Play  (1992)

By: Powell Skateboards

"Play" is the 3rd skate video released by Powell Skateboards and the 14th skate video made in relation to George Powell.  ...

Memory Screen  (1991)

By: Alien Workshop

Memory Screen by Alien Workshop is one of the great elder skate films of the 90s. It's shot with a 4:3 aspect ratio, which was ...

Video Days  (1991)

By: Blind Skateboards

"Video Days" is the first video film released by Blind Skateboards in 1991. It's a very famous video by the way that Spike Jonze chose ...

Speed Freaks  (1989)

By: Santa Cruz Skateboards

Speed Freaks is a great full-length video put out by Santa Cruz Speed Wheels in 1989. The number of skateboarders in this video is as ...