411VM Issue 6 By 411 Video Magazine | Skate Sonr

411VM 6 is the sixth issue of 411 video magazine and was published in May 1994.

Cover Mark Gonzales (by Chris Ortiz)
Back cover Matt Schnurr (by Chris Ortiz)
Contest in Vancouver.
Wheels of Fortune: Jason Phillips, Frankie Mata, Ben Liversedge, Nanda Zipp, Ben Pappas, Gino Perez, Genaro Vergoglini
Metrospective: Houston
Fine Tuning: Bill Pepper and Rune Glifberg
Profile: Eric Ricks
Contest: Pulaski and LOVE Park
Industry: Zoo York
Rookies: Jeff Taylor
Spot Check: Riverbed Ditch
World Report: Japan and England

Duration: 56 minutes
Category: Video Magazine
Sport: Skateboarding
Attribution: SkateVideoSite
Description Track Starts At
Michael Ternasky Dedication 00:00
Intro with Lance Mountain 03:10
Chaos 04:19
Contest: Slam City Jam - Vancouver, B.C. 08:00
Trivia Question 11:50
Union Wheel Co. Ad 11:55
Etnies Ad 12:24
Creature Skateboards Ad 12:49
Element Ad 13:04
60/40 Ad 13:29
Trivia Answer 14:00
Wheels of Fortune: Nanda Zipp 14:04
Wheels of Fortune: Gino Perez 15:43
Wheels of Fortune: Ben Pappas 16:48
Metrospective: Houston 17:54
Trivia Question 21:04
Pound Ad 21:08
MSG Ad 21:32
Entity Ad 22:02
Sonic Ad 22:22
Switchstance 22:46
Contest: Love Park 23:53
Wheels of Fortune: Ben Liversedge 25:18
Wheels of Fortune: Genaro Vergoglini 26:14
Wheels of Fortune: Jason Phillips 27:26
Wheels of Fortune: Frankie Mata 28:23
The Industry: Zoo York Skateboards 29:32
World Report: Shin Okada In Japan, United Kingdom 34:39
Trivia Question 37:10
The Firm Skateboards Ad 37:12
CSE SKATEexpress Ad 37:30
Clout Ad 38:00
Planet Earth 38:30
New Deal Ad 38:55
Trivia Answer 39:25
Rookies: Jeff Taylor 39:29
Spot Check: Skip Pronier's Ditch 40:56
Fine Tuning: Bill Pepper 41:59
Fine Tuning: Rune Glifberg 42:40
Trivia Question 43:31
Mad Circle Ad 43:35
Goodtimes Skateboards Ad 43:45
Split Ad 44:15
Maple Skateboards 44:35
Trivia Answer 44:57
Contest: Newburgh Pro Street 44:59
Transitions 48:46
Profiles: Eric Ricks 51:10
Credits 53:42

How many genres were used and how many tracks were part of each genre.

Genre Count
Rock 10
Hip-Hop/Rap 7
Pop 7
Hip Hop/Rap 5
Alternative 4
R&B/Soul 4
Hip-Hop 3
Jazz 3
Bop 2
Folk 2
Indie Rock 2
Punk 2
Rap 2
Worldwide 2
Adult Alternative 1
Blues 1
Classical 1
Contemporary Blues 1
Electric Blues 1
Japan 1
Latin 1
Metal 1
Soul 1
Soundtrack 1
Underground Rap 1
World 1

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