411VM Issue 5 By 411 Video Magazine | Skate Sonr

411VM 5 is the fifth issue of 411 video magazine and was published in March 1994.

Cover photo Felix Arguelles (by Chris Ortiz)
Wheels of Fortunes with Pat Channita, Brian Young, Tully Carlton, Max Schaaf, (an unsponsored!) Reese Forbes, Neil Urwin.

Pro Spotlights with Mike Frazier and Willy Santos.
Metrospective in San Jose.
Climax Distribution in Private Property.
Fine Tuning with Tas Pappas, Colin McKay, Jerry Fowler, Weston Correa, Jeff Taylor.
In Depth with Steve Berra.
Australia tour.
Private Property at the NHS Cannery.
Vancouver vert section.
Industry section with Planet Earth.

Duration: 56 minutes
Category: Video Magazine
Sport: Skateboarding
Attribution: SkateVideoSite
Description Track Starts At
Intro 00:00
Intro with Lance Mountain 01:26
Wheels of Fortune: Pat Channita 02:31
Wheels of Fortune: Brian Young 03:47
Wheels of Fortune: John McGrath 05:02
Wheels of Fortune: Tully Carlton 05:50
Profiles: Mike Frazier 06:34
60/40 Ad 08:44
Etnies Ad 09:09
Etnies Ad 09:26
Woodward Ad 09:34
Element Ad 09:49
Skaters Union Ad 10:18
Metrospective: San Jose 10:48
Keep Out: Climax Private Property 14:48
Fine Tuning: Colin McKay & Tas Pappas 17:25
Fine Tuning: Jerry Fowler & Ed Templeton - Frontside Half Cab Kickflip 19:08
In Depth: Steve Berra 20:09
Planet Earth Ad 22:36
Children of the Sun Ad 23:02
Juggs Ad 23:33
Maple Skateboards 23:55
Transitions 24:20
Road Trip: Kwala Australia 26:13
Wheels of Fortune: Max Schaaf 28:53
Wheels of Fortune: Paul Zuanich 30:27
Wheels of Fortune: Neil Urwin 32:00
Switchstance 33:24
Keep Out: Nhs Cannery 34:18
Fine Tuning: Jeff Taylor 35:27
Fine Tuning: Weston Correa - Fakie Frontside Crooked Grind 36:03
Transitions 36:30
The Industry: Planet Earth 40:36
Chaos 45:55
Chocolate Skateboards Ad 49:25
Sonic Ad 50:00
Kwala Skateboard Distributors Ad 50:20
Split Ad 50:40
Mad Circle Ad 51:04
Profiles: Willy Santos 51:25
Credits 54:24

How many genres were used and how many tracks were part of each genre.

Genre Count
Hip-Hop/Rap 11
Rock 9
Jazz 8
Bop 7
Hip-Hop 7
R&B/Soul 7
Rap 7
Alternative 5
Metal 4
Pop 4
Hip Hop/Rap 3
Electronic 2
Heavy Metal 2
Punk 2
Soundtrack 2
Adult Alternative 1
Alternative Rap 1
Arena Rock 1
Big Band 1
Children's Music 1
Dance 1
Hair Metal 1
Hard Rock 1
House 1
Indie Rock 1
Reggae 1
Sing-Along 1
Singer/Songwriter 1
Ska 1
Traditional Folk 1

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