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Snoop Dogg

Country: United States
Active Since: September 11th, 1977
hip hop


By: Roger Skateboards

A new hit from your friend Roger and his gang fam. Featuring fresh professionals Garrett Young and Austin Amelio. Rogers: Cosmo Martinez-Glenn, David Langston, Max Taylor, ...

Destroying America  (2001)

By: Hook-Ups

Rescued after a near death skateboarding accident, Heath Kirchart and Jeremy Klein show off their amazing ability to cause destruction while a sinister cop tries ...

Baker 2G  (2000)

By: Baker Skateboards

J Strickland's Baker2G featured the skating and hijinx of Knox Godoy, Evan Hernandez, Terry Kennedy, Jeff Lenoce, Mike Maldonado, Jim Greco, Andrew Reynolds and Dustin ...

Section Track Film Used In
Pizza Delivery Guy Gin and Juice Destroying America
Terry Kennedy & Heath Kirchart Represent Dat G.C. Baker 2G
Credits Lil' Ghetto Boy SUCKER PUNCH