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Project Pat

Country: United States
Active Since: February 8th, 1973
dirty south rap
gangster rap
memphis hip hop
southern hip hop

Matt Villavicencio in "OUTLINE"  (2023)

By: Skate Jawn Magazine

Matt Villavicencio's part from "Outline" a full length video out of Worcester, MA. made by Jacob Folsom-Fraster ...

Saved  (2017)

By: DGK Skateboards

DGK‘s newest video showcasing the squad that has been Saved by Skateboarding. All of the DGK team is featured in this video, as well as ...

Baker 2G  (2000)

By: Baker Skateboards

J Strickland's Baker2G featured the skating and hijinx of Knox Godoy, Evan Hernandez, Terry Kennedy, Jeff Lenoce, Mike Maldonado, Jim Greco, Andrew Reynolds and Dustin ...

Section Track Film Used In
Montage Fuck a Bitch Baker 2G