Malagazzi By Pocket Skate Mag | Skate Sonr

Feat. Ville Wester, Karsten Kleppan, Vilma Stal, Agata Halikowska, David Jakinda & Vincent Huhta.
Filmed & Edited by Tor Ström
Photos by Burny

With almost tropical temperatures throughout fall, Malaga has ever since been a popular destination for Scandinavians, especially Swedes. The formula for this trip was quite simple: pick some of your favorite skaters that are coincidentally also best friends. And, of course, all Scandinavian. Luckily Agata managed to get the last-minute Scandi visa from the Swedish embassy in Warsaw - the exception proves the rule.

While skating Malaga was only the plan for a few days, the weather forecast on the other side of Andalusia forced us to get creative and find some untouched spots around the city. Oakberry Açaí in the morning, skating, jet skiing or go-carts during the day, and proper dinners at the great restaurants along the coast kept the crew entertained. And like on every skate tour, new lingo is being created on the go. It felt good throwing "Malagazzi" around, hence the name of the photo story and the accompanying video. Enjoy.

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Duration: 4 minutes, 11 seconds
Category: Short Film
Sport: Skateboarding

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