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History of videos for Primitive Skate

A chronology timeline of films released by

  1. Pain Is Beauty film cover by Primitive Skate

    Pain Is Beauty

    "Pain Is Beauty" is the first full-length film released by Primitive Skate (at the time only known as Primitive) in March of 2013. It was first released as a local public screening on March 14th and r...

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  1. Opal Primitive Skate film cover


    Opal is the first promo released by Primitive Skate ahead of the full length Never film that came in 2018.  it's a standard promo presenting the entire team of the time to start and with a Diego ...

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  1. Never Primitive Skate film cover


    "Never" is the first full-length skate film from Primitive Skate. Unlike the other full-length films from Primitive Skate, Paul Rodriguez has a part at the end, though it is fairly short. The film is ...

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  1. Testing by Primitive Skate


    'Testing' featuring Tiago Lemos, Franky Villani, Carlos Ribeiro, Wade Desarmo, Trent McClung and Marek Zaprazny. Filmed and edited by Alan Hannon Additional filming by Alex Kissinger.

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  2. TESTING II by Primitive Skate


    TESTING II featuring (in order of appearance) Trent McClung, Carlos Ribeiro, Tiago Lemos, Jenn Soto and Robert Neal. Filmed by: Alan Hannon and Tommy Zhao. Edited by: Alan Hannon. Music: Tyler, The C...

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  3. Encore Primitive Skateboards Film Cover


    Encore is the second full-length film released by Primitive Skate. It features the full Primitive team of 2019.  The skateboarding in the film is incredibly good. Not only is the whole team immen...

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  1. Film Cover for "Rome" by Primitive Skate


    10 minute quick promo to show off some of the great talent Primitive Skate has in its lineup. Rome may be only a promo but it is very well made with great skateboarding. 

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  2. Call Waiting by Primitive Skate Film Cover

    Call Waiting

    "Call Waiting" is a 10 minute promo released by Primitive Skate in the summer of 2020. It features full parts from David Jakinda and Patrick Zentgraf as well as short parts from the rest of the Primit...

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  3. Fourth Quarter film cover by Primitive Skate

    Fourth Quarter

    "Fourth Quarter" is the third full-length skate film from Primitive Skateboards. It features 4 full skate parts from Miles Silvas, Robert Neal, Trent McClung, and Giovanni Vianna.  The Fourth Qua...

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  4. TESTING III by Primitive Skate


    TESTING III featuring (in order of appearance) Franky Villani, Tiago Lemos, Marek Zaprazny, Carlos Ribeiro, Trent McClung, Giovanni Vianna, Spencer Hamilton, Miles Silvas, Brian Peacock, Wade Desarmo...

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  1. Testing 4 film cover by Primitive Skate

    Testing 4

    "Testing 4" is the fourth promo video by Primitive Skate. It features nearly everyone on the Primitive Team and is only 8 minutes long. 

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  1. Define. by Primitive Skateboards video cover


    DEFINE. is the fourth full-length skate video by Primitive Skateboards. After four promos released between 2020 and 2021 and a very long pandemic, Primitive Skateboards was overdue to show off its ros...

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  2. Testing 5 by Primitive Skate


    TESTING 5 Featuring David Jakinda, Spencer Hamilton and Robert Neal.Filmed and Edited by Alan Hannon.Still Photography by Alex Pires.

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  3. Primitive x 2pac | Tiago Lemos

    Primitive x 2pac | Tiago Lemos

    Tiago Lemos for our newest Primitive x 2pac collection. Short and sweet promo to advertise the collaboration between Primitive skateboards and 2pac's music and legacy.

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  1. Primitive Skate | REC Ep.1

    REC Ep.1

    REC is a new series by Eric Iwakura capturing skating in a format reminiscent to his favorite camera, the Sony VX1000. Featuring Brian Peacock, Trent McClung, and Carlos Ribeiro. Filmed and edited b...

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  2. Tre Williams | Primitive Skateboarding Professional

    Tre Williams | Primitive Skateboarding Professional

    We are excited to announce Tre Williams as Primitive Skateboarding's newest Pro! Filmed by Eric Iwakura, Alan Hannon, and Pekka Lovas. Edited by Alan Hannon. Still Photography by Bailey Schreiner....

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  3. Testing 6 By Primitive Skateboards


    Featuring Miles Silvas, Kyonosuke Yamashita, Dylan Jaeb, Franky Villani, Giovanni Vianna, Tiago Lemos, Wade Desarmo, Jonny Hernandez, and Filipe Mota.  Filmed by Alan Hannon, Alex Kissinger, Eri...

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  1. Daydream by Primitive Skate


    We are very proud to present our newest film, DAYDREAM. Starring Filipe Mota, Kyonosuke Yamashita, and Dylan Jaeb. Directed and Edited by Alan Hannon. Filmed by Eric Iwakura, Alex Kissinger, and Al...

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