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History of videos for Birdhouse Skateboards

A chronology timeline of films released by

  1. Birdhouse "The End" (1998)

    The End

    This is the first video released by Birdhouse Skateboards. It is very well made and includes explosions, vandalism, Heath & Heremy being set on fire, Tony does the loop, and much more. Definitely,...

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  1. Birdhouse "The Beginning" (2007)

    The Beginning

    More than a decade after the release of the revolutionary skateboard film, The End, Birdhouse comes full circle with a monumental release of cinematic majesty titled The Beginning. Filmed on location...

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  1. Saturdays by Birdhouse video cover


    Saturdays is the long-awaited new film from Birdhouse Skateboards, shot for over three years on location at legendary spots, DIY parks, and landmarks across the globe. Saturdays features the legendar...

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  1. Birdhouse's "Beautiful Mutants" Video

    Beautiful Mutants

    You’ve sampled the parts individually, now gorge on the entire feast! If this is what mutation looks like, we’re gonna start chugging toxic waste immediately. Sick vid, B-Housers! Things ...

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