E.S.T VM Vol 1 By Zoo York Skateboards | Skate Sonr

This is the first E.S.T. video magazine videos by Zoo York Media Group.

This video includes travel to New England, New Jersey, Florida, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and New York.

Duration: 32 minutes
Category: Video Magazine
Sport: Skateboarding
Attribution: SkateVideoSite
Description Track Starts At
Intro The Ocular 00:00
New England DJ Ani & DJ Develop & The Ocular 01:10
New Jersey 06:16
Florida 08:17
Philadelphia 10:09
Washington D.C. 14:09
Washington D.C. 15:47
Washington D.C. 16:35
Washington D.C. 18:27
Washington D.C.
New York 19:17
New York 22:17
Credits 25:41
Bonus 27:47
Vehicle Ad 29:00
Dealer Inquiries 29:40
Eastern. Standard. Time. Worldwide 30:35


Aaron Suski , Adam Graham , Airto Jackson , Akira , Alex Hansen , Allen Russell , Andre Page , Andrew Honen , Andrew McGraw , Andy Bautista , Andy Henrie , Anthony Correa , Anthony Pappalardo , Anthony Van Engelen , Avi Luzia , Ben Liversedge , Billy Rohan , Billy Waldman , Brandon Biebel , Brian Brown , Brian Dale , Brian Smith , Brian Tucci , Brian Wenning , Burton Smith , Cairo Foster , Chad Muska , Charles Lamb , Charlie Wilkins , Danny Garcia , Danny Renaud , Danny Supa , Dave Coyne , Dustin Charlton , Eli Reed , Erik Obertubbesing , Felix Arguelles , Forrest Kirby , Gary Smith , Geo Moya , German Nieves , Ian Reid , Jahmal Williams , Jaime Reyes , Jared Brantingham , Jason Dill , Jay Giroux , Jay Maldonado , Jed Shooter , Jefferson Pang , Jereme Rogers , Jeremy Owens , Jerry Fowler , Jimmy Chadwick , Joey Pepper , John Buchanan , John Igei , Josh Dowd , Josh Kalis , Jr Neves , Kerry Getz , Kevin Hayden , Kew , Kier Johnson , Lee Smith , Lennie Kirk , Lil' Sammy , Mark Gonzales , Matt Selego , Matt Willigan , Mike Manidis , Mike Nalls , Mike Rosa , Mike Wright , Nesto Sutton , Nick Matlin , Omar Alverio , Pat Corcoran , Paul McElroy , Paul Urich , Pepe Martinez , Pete Eldridge , Pete Gardini , Phillip Vaughn , PJ Ladd , Quim Cardona , Rich Adler , Richmond Travis , Rickie Dixon , Rob Pluhowski , Robbie Gangemi , Rodney Torres , Ryan Gallant , Ryan Nix , Scott Johnston , Scott Schwartz , Sean Kelling , Sean Mullendore , Spencer Fujimoto , Steve Brandi , Steve Costello , Steve Rodriguez , Steve Wolfe , Stevie Williams , Tim O'Connor , Todd Jordan , Tony Montgomery , Tyler Tufty , Vanik Hacobian , Vinnie Ponte , Wes Ellis , Will Harmon  &  Zered Bassett

Directors & Producers

RB Umali


RB Umali

How many genres were used and how many tracks were part of each genre.

Genre Count
Hip-Hop/Rap 6
Hip Hop/Rap 4
Hip-Hop 3
Underground Rap 3
Alternative Rap 2
East Coast Rap 1
Electronic 1
R&B/Soul 1
Rock 1
Soundtrack 1

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