Code By Plan B Skateboards | Skate Sonr

Code is the sixth full length skate video released by Plan B in 2022. 

Duration: 27 minutes
Category: Full Length
Sport: Skateboarding
Attribution: SkateVideoSite

How many genres were used and how many tracks were part of each genre.

Genre Count
Rock 5
Alternative 2
Electronic 2
Hip-Hop/Rap 2
Pop 2
R&B/Soul 2
Rap 2
Adult Alternative 1
Americana 1
Arena Rock 1
Brazilian 1
Breakbeat 1
Britpop 1
Country 1
Dance 1
Dirty South 1
Electronica 1
Hard Rock 1
Hardcore Rap 1
Indie Rock 1
Motown 1
Pop/Rock 1
Prog-Rock/Art Rock 1
Soft Rock 1
Soul 1
Traditional Country 1

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